Myanmar Computer Professionals Association is the largest association of ICT professionals in Myanmar. Operating under the guidelines of Union of Myanmar e-National Task Force and Myanmar Computer Federation, the association has been upgrading the knowledge of computer science and information communication technologies for members and non-members alike.

HISTORY Computer Science Development Law

The Computer Science Development Law was promulgated on 20th September, 1996 and the Myanmar Computer Development Council, the highest policy making body was duly established.The Objectives of Myanmar Computer Science Development Law are as follows: –

  • to contribute towards the emergence of a modern developed State through computer science;
  • to lay down and implement measures necessary for the development and dissemination of computer science and technology;
  • to create opportunities for the youth, especially students, to study computer science;
  • to study computer science, which is developing internationally and to utilize the same in a manner which is most beneficial for the State;
  • to cause extensively development in the use of computer science in the respective fields of work;
  • to supervise the import and export of computer software or information.
Download the Myanmar Computer Science Development Law


Establishment of Associations

To better organize the development of computer science and the ICT industry, three associations and one federation were established.Myanmar Computer Professionals Association was established on 17th May, 1998.The translation “Scientist” was first used for Myanmar word “Pyin-nya-shin” from 1998 till 2004. Thus, the association was initially known as Myanmar Computer Scientist Association (MCSA). In August of 2004, during the Annual Conference of computer associations in Myanmar, the new term “Professionals” was substituted in the English translation. The name of the association in Myanmar language remains the same.